Notable Films

There is, in fact, a lot of footage created from the beginning of the "moving pictures". I suspect most of it will be forgotten. Of course there are also films that address us differently. Here at this point I would like to list some who have given me something special on my path in life, which have impressed me ...

It's not always about the entire film, sometimes a very special ending that sticks in our minds and shapes us ...


Charlie Chaplin

Even though he made a lot of silent films, they were very impressive. Nobody has done it better to show what Franz Kafka described in "The Process": how a person can get caught in the machinery of "our" system ... The closing speech from the film "The Great Dictator" is particularly noteworthy ...


The Great Dictator

Impressions ...

Bob Ross

... was a painter who used a special wet-on-wet technique and presented it to the world. On the basis of a tour, he was given the opportunity to moderate this type of painting for the creation of landscape images in his own television program. In The Joy of Painting, from 1983 to 1994, he presented the high art of simple painting in 403 parts (31 seasons of 13 episodes each with 27 minutes of broadcast time)! The programs were produced between 1983 and 1994.

Unfortunately, Bob Ross died prematurely in 1995 (52 years old) of lymphatic cancer. In his programs he impresses with his positive and simple view of the world, which is reflected in his pictures and his warm comments. Watching it is not only a real joy, it is relaxing and a source of peace and relaxation for body, soul and spirit.

A tribute to him is this video, which presents his essence in a very beautiful way :)

Bob once said on a television show, "God was having a good day when he made Alaska."

One comment among the thousand positive comments about Bob Ross is definitely one of the nicest compliments you could give him back: "God was having a good day when he made bob ross... "


Untold Truth Of Bob Ross

Joy of Painting